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  1. Thimmegowda Nagraj

    The debate on 17.01.2014 at 5.00pm on TV9 Kannada – `NANAGU GIRL FRIEND BEKU’ about the changing behaviour of studentds. The debate is participated by ARJUNA DEVAIAHA, Former Athelete. An excellent debate and true. I also lost my son aged 17 years 2nd yr puc, my son a brillient student in 10th, 1st PUC (PCMB) but during second year his mentality changed. His behaviour was good at house. But on 27th Nov 2013 he hanged himself in the house, after his death only we came to know about his behaviour in the college. BUT I LOST MY SON. AFTER HIS DEATH THE TRAUMA THAT WE ARE UNDERGOING CAN’T BE EXPLAINED IN WORDS. My mother aged 79 years admitted to hospital for one side mild stroke, yesterday see fell down in the hospital and his right hand elbow is fractured. WHY THE STUDENTS DON’T UNDERSTAND THEIR PARENTS, WHATEVER THEY DO FOR THE WELFARE OF THEIR KIDS ONLY.

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